The new and central structure placing in an elegant old building in liberty style about 1910..

Tropea, the pearl of Tyrrhenian sea

Call the Residence The beautiful Tropea is well-know as "the Pearl of the Thyrrenian sea" has a small communal territory on the Vibo Valentia province, but is difficult imaging as much concentration of historical memory and beauty natural area so small.

Mentioned as Trupia of the XI century and one inscription of marble of the V century well-known as Massa Trapeina, but the myt was that is founded by Ercules on the return of the Spanish after his toil, and for these call Porto Ercole in ancient time.

Residence Details Second to the studies her bird will be to Sesto Pompeo near Capovaticano defeated Ottaviano Cesare and came the more accessible place of the coast for a credit for that vittory will be building one city that call Trionfea, whose name Tropea.

The Episcopal see since VIII century, was attacked and conquered and occupied by Saraceni until the Normann not guarantee an long period of prosperity, that encresed in succession under the Angioini before and Aragonesi than.

Residence Details Prices For high- fidelity demonstrated this Monarchy And for his strategic role was declared demanial city, as with the privilege wont submit to anyone Feudal man, one of reri case for the Calabria.

Important marine centre and commercial port suffered various Turkish incursion, restrict caused demage, that cannot be undone but whit the devastationing earthquake undone of 1783 that raze soil a few edioeval palace of the city, the Borboni than beginnen the rebuilding.

Residence Details Prices The architect Ermenegildo Sintes arrange infact an plane that predict large pull-down in function earthqueke'demolition the castle of the city was the building's most rappresentative, with it’s high tower, to suffer this inconsiderate destruction of historical Tropea’s memory.

Tropea today must give its notoriety at the tourism (and so much for the onion).

For arrival to Tropea:
Tropea has an excellent turist port (for who came from sea) is accessible from the motorway Salerno – Reggio Calabria (exit for Pizzo and 25 km than the Super high way and for who want all convenience a 40 km there is the Lamezia Terme Airport (where you can hire a car) and finally with the comfortable train across rail line "Lamezia Terme – Tropea – Nicotera- Gioia Tauro".

breakfast Residence
Prices Include:
overnight stay; abundant breakfast; change bed linen every three days; change bath linen and clean rooms every day.
Rooms Residence
The structure has double rooms for single use; double rooms and triple rooms , and the price pro – person change for the period request as list.